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Cancellation Policy


Unfortunately, we have to have a cancellation policy in place, this is to avoid us being left with gaps in our day that could have easily been filled with clients from our waiting list.

We require a 48hr notice of any cancelation or appointment moving.

We do understand that there are times that an appointment being cancelled or rescheduled is unavoidable and we will always take this into consideration before charging a cancelation fee.

Our cancelation fee is 25% of the total service that was booked in. If we fill the appointment, then no cancellation fee will be charged.


Patch Testing


All clients that require any tinting will be asked to attend the salon for a patch test 48hrs minimum before any tinting services can be carried out. This is a legal requirement, and we will not sign a waiver or carry out any work without one being done. It takes less than a minute to apply and is recorded on your client notes that it has been carried out.

Any clients that have not had a tinting service with us before or it has been over 6mths since their last tinting service will need to be tested.

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